Dennis Stevens, Ed.D.

Introverted Swashbuckler and Art Maverick

Hi, I'm Dennis, a multi-talented individual who thrives in wearing many hats. I seamlessly manage multiple roles, responsibilities, jobs, projects, and identities while pursuing my creative talents. As a creative inventor, I prioritize innovation and project leadership, valuing intellectual inquiry and problem-solving.

With an entrepreneurial mindset and an INTP personality, I synthesize knowledge and study systems, uncovering valuable opportunities. I'm deeply interested in various topics, including art, philosophy, politics, education, and science.

Adaptability is one of my greatest strengths, allowing me to move seamlessly between diverse roles and responsibilities, embracing new challenges and experiences. Guided by the belief in my talent and versatility, I possess a fearless and adventurous spirit, constantly pushing boundaries and seeking new artistic territories.

As the founder of Penelope Mimetics LLC, a certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), I provide research, development, and services to facilitate transformative change.

I explore the intersections of art, craft, design, technology, and critical thinking through Redefining Craft with Dennis Stevens, an online platform. By highlighting how individuals in American studio craft communities embody values through their projects, I strive to redefine the perception of craft.

As the founder and managing director of Una Saxon Arcadia Development Corporation (USA DEV), formerly Conway Cultural Development Corporation, a South Carolina non-profit, we are working on the redevelopment of the Una Saxon and Arcadia neighborhoods in Spartanburg, South Carolina, aiming to create a community that honors its past while creating opportunities for affordable and market-rate housing, economic growth, educational advancement, recreational opportunities, and social support for the communities.

In my work, I generally approach creativity in a dynamic perspective-shifting manner, engaging with my academic pursuits through dynamic perspectives & views. Emphasizing open-mindedness, flexibility, tolerance, and intellectual humility, I embrace dialectical tension and work to transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries.

With a fearless drive and a passion for exploration, I continually seek new opportunities, using my intuition, creativity, and ingenuity to make a meaningful impact in art, communities, and beyond.

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  • Work
    • Penelope Mimetics & Hegemonaco
  • Education
    • Teachers College, Columbia University (Ed.D.)
    • San Jose State University (M.A.)
    • Clemson University (B.F.A.)